Vault Tales 256 – Shelf Profile – Dinosaur/Prehistoric Toy Highlights

So, today it’s another visit to the shelves…I can’t believe that the last time I did one of these was over 200 posts ago! I have a lot of shelves, one would think the Random Number Generator would have hit one again. But here we are, and this one features fewer figures, all officially toys,Continue reading “Vault Tales 256 – Shelf Profile – Dinosaur/Prehistoric Toy Highlights”

Vault Tales 254 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Char, Poraspis, Archelon, Spinosaurus

Wide range of figures again today. All over the map–prehistoric and modern, big and small, really nice and…less high end. I guess that’s what happens when picks are random…! Jurassic World FK mini Stegosaurus¬†(Walmart) First up, a small mini dinosaur figure from Mattel, an Apatosaurus from the 15-pack from Walmart (and only the first ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 254 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Char, Poraspis, Archelon, Spinosaurus”

Vault Tales 134 Safari Shunosaurus

So today we’re going to look at one of the smaller sauropods made by Safari–the Shunosaurus from 2016, item number 305529. It was released in a pretty great year of Safari figures of unusual prehistoric animals actually, and I think as a lot they kind of got overshadowed by the surrounding years also featuring someContinue reading “Vault Tales 134 Safari Shunosaurus”

Vault Tales 117 Safari Ltd Nigersaurus

Today’s post is about the Safari Ltd. Nigersaurus from what is now their Prehistoric World line, item number 286329–but at the time was referred to as the Dinos & Prehistoric Life collection. The name of the series has changed several times, but the overall them remained, it was Safari’s lower-cost dinosaurs line, alongside their highContinue reading “Vault Tales 117 Safari Ltd Nigersaurus”