Vault tales 47 Obscurus Mystriosuchus

Who makes it? Brandon DeMoss sculpted it as part of his Obscurus line. Not only have I had his figures available in store, he also sculpts the fish for my FaunaFiguresFishes line! When did it come out? I can’t recall exactly–possibly around 2010? I had them in my store in 2014 or so. Still available?Continue reading “Vault tales 47 Obscurus Mystriosuchus”

Vault tales 46 Nayab Postosuchus

Who makes it? Nayab (or Lontic…it’s one of those companies…). It was part of a pair of dino-themed box sets with a…variety…of dinos. Some better than others, none great. When did it come out? I purchased it in about 2010. Possibly around that time, probably sooner than that. Still available? As with many of these..noContinue reading “Vault tales 46 Nayab Postosuchus”