Vault Tales 158 ToyTrio Opabinia, Pterygotus, Quetzalcoatlus

Got another Trio today–a trio of entirely Kaiyodo Dinotales! And funny enough, all of them have been produced in at least two variations (although I may not have every version). At least here I can save some time–all of these are of course long out of production, and can only be found through auctions orContinue reading “Vault Tales 158 ToyTrio Opabinia, Pterygotus, Quetzalcoatlus”

Vault tales Run the Set 135 Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Palaeozoic

We have a Run-the-Set today, this time the Paleozoic Era set from the Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum line. This set was released as a limited run in 2015. I am not sure what exactly, but it was likely for a museum event or some kind of promotion with a Dinosaur Expo in Japan. In this instance,Continue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 135 Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Palaeozoic”