Vault Tales 189 Safari Ltd Postosuchus x 2

So the random number generator picked what may be one of their finest prehistoric models for this post–so I decided to pair it with its mini counterpart from a toob set. I am speaking about the Dinos & Prehistoric Animals series Postosuchus, number 287329. This figure was probably one of the real linchpins in SafariContinue reading “Vault Tales 189 Safari Ltd Postosuchus x 2”

Vault tales 46 Nayab Postosuchus

Who makes it? Nayab (or Lontic…it’s one of those companies…). It was part of a pair of dino-themed box sets with a…variety…of dinos. Some better than others, none great. When did it come out? I purchased it in about 2010. Possibly around that time, probably sooner than that. Still available? As with many of these..noContinue reading “Vault tales 46 Nayab Postosuchus”