Vault Tales 207 FigureFrenzy Hyena, Dodo, Cynognathus, African wild dog, Arsinoitherium

So here’s a random assortment of mostly mammals (and adjacent) figures. And one extinct bird, just to mix it up. Most of them are pretty good too! Schleich Spotted hyena (2015 release) Let’s start with a figure that represents one of my favorite animals (mammal edition), a Spotted hyena which, yes, I’ve covered a fewContinue reading “Vault Tales 207 FigureFrenzy Hyena, Dodo, Cynognathus, African wild dog, Arsinoitherium”

Vault Tales 194 Run the Set Play Visions Sharks

Another Run the Set, but one that I have part of now. These are the figures I have from the Play Visions bulk bin Shark series. This was one of the many series that came out in the later 90s from Play Visions featuring some kind of unifying theme, often (more or less) taxonomic orContinue reading “Vault Tales 194 Run the Set Play Visions Sharks”

Vault tales 184 – Clades – Eucynodontia

Time to do another quick clades overview. This time, we’re going to head to the base of the mammal family tree! In this instance, I am talking about the Eucynodontia. As a clade, we are looking at the least inclusive group including mammals and Exaeretodon (foreshadow!); in my personal system, this will refer to theContinue reading “Vault tales 184 – Clades – Eucynodontia”

Vault tales 174 – Clades – Eryopiformes

We’re back and with another ‘Clades’ post. This time, it will be a paraphyletic one, ‘Eryopiformes’. This is a crown group of the Temnospondyls, and as the name implies, it consists of the famous big ‘amphibian’ Eryops, but also the rest of the ‘Stereospondyls’–and this group may also include the Gymnophiona, the modern caecillians! AsContinue reading “Vault tales 174 – Clades – Eryopiformes”

Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!

So today will be all Triassic marine reptiles! And all are relatively small figures, in the tube-size range or so. Some great ones, some…not really. But it’s not a common type of figure, so still great to have! Bin Figure Nothosaurs I’ll start with what is (originally) the oldest figure, and, yeah, the weakest one.Continue reading “Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!”