Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)

Well, after so many posts about individual fish figures from this set, we are going to see them all as a Run the Set! This is probably one of my favorite sets (though of course not the favorite…there is a set with a bichir after all), and was one of the earlier ones that IContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)”

Vault Tales 94 Colorata Japanese Pilchard

This post is going to go back to the Colorata figures well (I do have a lot of them). This time, it’s another figure from the Saltwater Fishes box set, a Japanese Pilchard. Clearly this was a set that was influenced by species commonly encountered in some way–for the pilchard (and other, related sardines) thatContinue reading “Vault Tales 94 Colorata Japanese Pilchard”