Vault tales 92 Customized Replica Toy Fish Amur Pike

Today’s figure is another fish from the defunct Replica Toy Fish Company, but more than that, it is another custom paint job of one of the RTF figures. Last time I turned a brook trout into a bull trout, this time I turned a northern pike into an Amur pike (AKA blackspotted pike). Like theContinue reading “Vault tales 92 Customized Replica Toy Fish Amur Pike”

Vault tales 50 Elastolin Northern Pike

Who makes it? This northern pike figure is from Elastolin, part of their Aquatic Animals line When did it come out? It is apparently from the 70s. Although I obtained it much more recently. Still available? From what I can tell, somehow, yes! There is a German site that claims to have original 70s onesContinue reading “Vault tales 50 Elastolin Northern Pike”