Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!

So today will be all Triassic marine reptiles! And all are relatively small figures, in the tube-size range or so. Some great ones, some…not really. But it’s not a common type of figure, so still great to have! Bin Figure Nothosaurs I’ll start with what is (originally) the oldest figure, and, yeah, the weakest one.Continue reading “Vault Tales 157 ToyTrio Glyphoderma, Nothosaurus, more Nothosaurs!”

Vault tales 156 Run the Set Play Visions Prehistoric Reptiles

Okay, so here’s a Run the Set for one of those sets that lots of collectors know about, and everybody wants…but can prove difficult to actually get anymore. It’s the Play Visions Prehistoric Marine Reptiles (aka Marine Dinosaurs…ugh) set, from 1998 and discontinued soon after. Play Visions was noteworthy at the time…and notorious now…for theirContinue reading “Vault tales 156 Run the Set Play Visions Prehistoric Reptiles”

Vault tales 85 Starlux Nothosaurus (2nd version)

Who makes it? French company Starlux. It’s part of their second series, item number FS40095. When did it come out? This particular model was released in 1981. It seems more vintage than that…the whole line has that same look. Still available? Unfortunately no, although there were rumours of a revision of the Starlux figures inContinue reading “Vault tales 85 Starlux Nothosaurus (2nd version)”