Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)

Today, looking at a figure of one of my personal favorite prehistoric mammals, Megacerops. This particular one is the figure made by MojoFUN in 2013, number 387155, part of their Mojo Prehistoric series. It was released–and is still listed–as Brontotherium, which is considered synonymous with Megacerops. Whatever the name, I recall being very excited forContinue reading “Vault Tales 261 MojoFUN Megacerops (Brontotherium)”

Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals

Today is a more classic vintage set–a series of plastic prehistoric mammals! Featuring some very, very unusual species (and a few expected familiar ones). As was kind of common in the 1950s and 1960s, these were giveaways with Nabisco cereals. Sets of monochromatic animal figures of various themes and sources were not uncommon (Marx andContinue reading “Vault Tales 217 Run the Set Lido Nabisco Prehistoric Mammals”