Vault Tales 142 ToyTrio Marlin, Mackerel and Rummynose Tetra!

This ToyTrio is features three very different fish from very different companies…enjoy! Schleich Sea Animals Blue Marlin First off, we have a great little figure from the second time Schleich put out marine animals, their blue marlin! Item number 14556, this one came out in 2005 and was the first in the line to beContinue reading “Vault Tales 142 ToyTrio Marlin, Mackerel and Rummynose Tetra!”

Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)

Well, after so many posts about individual fish figures from this set, we are going to see them all as a Run the Set! This is probably one of my favorite sets (though of course not the favorite…there is a set with a bichir after all), and was one of the earlier ones that IContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 138 Colorata Saltwater Fish box (original)”

Vault tales 74 Colorata Striped Marlin

Who makes it? Colorata as part of their Saltwater Fishes box set–the original release (not the currently available version). Item 01 in the series, the box number is still 978399. When did it come out? I’ve had it since 2009, and I believe it was originally around then. Still available? As mentioned, the figure (andContinue reading “Vault tales 74 Colorata Striped Marlin”