Vault Tales 265 Run the Set Playmates Dinosaur King Series 2

I have spoken about the Playmates Dinosaur King series of figures, but this is the first time I’m looking at a whole (mostly) series of them. In this instance, it is all of the figures that I have from the second release, which in my case is 16 of the 24…and it looks like thatContinue reading “Vault Tales 265 Run the Set Playmates Dinosaur King Series 2”

Vault Tales 133 ToyTrio Andalusian, Mapusaurus, Utahraptor

Another ToyTrio, and another pretty random assortment! MojoFun Andalusian stallion I believe that this might be the first horse I’ve looked at on this blog. As I’ve said before, I don’t really have much to do with farm/domestic animals, and have never gone too far into horse collecting–from what I can tell, that may beContinue reading “Vault Tales 133 ToyTrio Andalusian, Mapusaurus, Utahraptor”