Vault Tales 160 Bullyland Deinotherium

So for once, we are going to just look at one figure–something I usually reserve for larger or more notable figures. In this instance, it’s a figure from one of the best lines released in the late 90s until the early 2000s, from a company that seemed ready to make a huge impact. Which theyContinue reading “Vault Tales 160 Bullyland Deinotherium”

Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray

Well, we’re back to a pretty random trio…two are from Colorata, so that’s a link. The other is very much not. But they’re all really nice so there’s that! Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Chipmunk First up, our Safari figure, from their Incredible Creatures line. This is their Chipmunk, Safari item number 263029. Overall, the lineContinue reading “Vault Tales 155 ToyTrio Chipmunk, Armadillo, Eagle Ray”

Vault tales 153 Run the Set Kaiyodo Animaltales Series 3

Today I’m doing a Run the Set that might be the shortest one ever, other than just doing a single figure…! It is one of the original Kaiyodo-produced lines made for the Furuta ChocoEgg Animaltales series, number 3. This series was, for that run, huge. There are 50 figures in that series! And I have…two?Continue reading “Vault tales 153 Run the Set Kaiyodo Animaltales Series 3”

Vault Tales 133 ToyTrio Andalusian, Mapusaurus, Utahraptor

Another ToyTrio, and another pretty random assortment! MojoFun Andalusian stallion I believe that this might be the first horse I’ve looked at on this blog. As I’ve said before, I don’t really have much to do with farm/domestic animals, and have never gone too far into horse collecting–from what I can tell, that may beContinue reading “Vault Tales 133 ToyTrio Andalusian, Mapusaurus, Utahraptor”

Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair

A ToyTrio today and it’s…diverse. Again. Which is probably an accurate reflection of the animal figures in the house to be honest. I’m going to just jump right in. CollectA Mini Box Dinosaurs 2 Brachiosaurus Here we have another figure from a CollectA Mini Dinosaurs box. Set 2 this time (I did an full RunContinue reading “Vault Tales 129 ToyTrio Housecat, Brachiosaurus & Mammoth pair”