Vault Tales 172 Bullyland Woolly Mammoth

Happy New Year all! Today, to wrap up the year we’re going to look at another great Bullyland Stuttgart Museum figure. This time, that classic beast of the Ice Age, the Woolly mammoth! And yes, coincidentally, we already visited a mammoth earlier this week, along with some other prehistoric mammals. It isn’t planned, just kindContinue reading “Vault Tales 172 Bullyland Woolly Mammoth”

Vault Tales 171 ToyTrio Giant Kangaroo, Giant Cheetah, Woolly Mammoth

A new ToyTrion featuring three small figures of notable very large animals, all mammals this time! All extinct, and all with presence in the Pleistocene…Let’s see what we have. Yowies Lost Kingdom Giant Short-faced Kangaroo This first figure is an example of why the original Yowies Australia figures were so great. For the first twoContinue reading “Vault Tales 171 ToyTrio Giant Kangaroo, Giant Cheetah, Woolly Mammoth”

Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon

Here we have today’s VaultTale, just a single figure–the standard-collection Smilodon figure from CollectA. This figure was the second Smilodon released by CollectA for their standard collection, in 2015 as item number 88715. The previous model, available from 2009-2016, was…a much weaker figure (I had it once, but no longer). As far as prehistoric mammalsContinue reading “Vault Tales 167 CollectA Smilodon”

Vault Tales 166 ToyTrio Huayangosaurus, Cave Bear, Thylacine

Today we will look at three very different figures, all of extinct animals. After that…they’re all completely different from each other. Even a variety of materials! Kaiyodo Lawson Dinotales Series 7 Huayangosaurus Our first figure today is from the last Kaiyodo Dinotales series, series 7, released as a Lawson series. As with the fifth andContinue reading “Vault Tales 166 ToyTrio Huayangosaurus, Cave Bear, Thylacine”

Vault Tales 165 Run the Set Yowies UK series 2

Here we are with another Run the Set, and again it’s one where I don’t have the whole set…not even close. But I have a number of them, and I think entirely from one trade with someone! The UK Yowies were distributed by Cadbury, just like the Australian ones, and probably around the same time,Continue reading “Vault Tales 165 Run the Set Yowies UK series 2”