Vault Tales 106 Kaiyodo Pets Saddled Bichirs

Here we are with another post about bichirs already. The Random Number generator made some interesting picks, but this one is extra special. It has been just over a year since I started these posts! So being able to talk about one of my favorite figures, about one of my favorite animals, is just icingContinue reading “Vault Tales 106 Kaiyodo Pets Saddled Bichirs”

Vault Tales 103 ToyTrio Char, Salamander, Maiasaura

What do we have here? A new format. I realized that a lot of the time my random number generator picks figures from the collection that might not necessitate a full entry, or require more than a couple photos. So as the figures get picked, I will choose a few and discuss them together. ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 103 ToyTrio Char, Salamander, Maiasaura”

Vault Tales 96 Kaiyodo Dinotales Anomalocaris

This post is going to go back to the Kaiyodo Dinotales, a series that I’ve spent quite a bit of time discussing. Hardly surprising, since I have at least one of every model…and there are a lot of models! This Anomalocaris is from the Dinotales 2 series, number 046 in the run. The series asContinue reading “Vault Tales 96 Kaiyodo Dinotales Anomalocaris”

Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark

I am once again revisiting a figure from Kaiyodo (a company that has come up in this blog many times already), but I think this is the first one from the Capsule Aquarium series (I did discuss the tiger shark before, but it’s from the CapsuleQ line). The Capsule Aquarium sets, if I understand correctly,Continue reading “Vault Tales 95 Kaiyodo Capsule Aquarium Bronze Whaler Shark”

Vault tales 91 Kaiyodo National Museum Futabasaurus & Skeleton

(Side note–I’ve been doing this for almost a year, and have decided to change up the format. I’ll say about the same things, but I’m just going to go with paragraphs now!) Today’s figure (well, figures) are continuing the Kaiyodo theme, with a pair from the Kaiyodo National Museum gashapon series–a set of capsule figuresContinue reading “Vault tales 91 Kaiyodo National Museum Futabasaurus & Skeleton”