12 Days of FISHMAS! Day TWELVE!

Day twelve of the Twelve Days of Fishmas! Day eleven can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On the twelfth day of Fishmas cladistics gave to me… Twelve figures from the Eupercaria! Eleven fish near the top Ten Syngnatharia+Pelagiaria Nine Percomorpha Eight basal Neoteleosts Seven basal euteleostomorphs Six crownContinue reading “12 Days of FISHMAS! Day TWELVE!”

Vault Tales 188 Run the Set Kaiyodo Aquatales Series 1

We get to look at some figures from another Kaiyodo series, this time a bottlecap series with Glico drink company. There were two limited-time sets of Aquatales figures, featuring a variety of oceanic animals familiar to Japan. Today will be the figures that I have from series 1, which came out (and ended) in 2002.Continue reading “Vault Tales 188 Run the Set Kaiyodo Aquatales Series 1”