Vault Tales 277 Run the Set Safari Ltd South African Animals toob

It’s time to look at a set today–toob from Safari Ltd. This one is the South African animals toob, released in 2020 under number 100409. It kind of snuck by me somehow when it first came out, but I was fortunately reminded about it, and able to get it fairly quickly. At least Safari isContinue reading “Vault Tales 277 Run the Set Safari Ltd South African Animals toob”

Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia

Time to visit another clade, this time a true crown-group clade, the Ruminantia (or Ruminantiomorpha…if we include some of the anthracotherids that are a stem-group to the ruminantia). As a group, this is a fairly familiar one both as animals and as figures. The living groups include the bovids (cows, antelopes, goats, sheep, etc); theContinue reading “Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia”

Vault Tales 199 Run the Set FameMaster 4D Puzzles Animals

I have visited with a few FameMaster 4D puzzles in past posts, but never a ‘set’ of them. There are various incarnations and releases of them, as well as different modes of selling them. Sometimes it’s in plastic eggs, sometimes in little boxes. Although the lines are kind of broad, they were usually out inContinue reading “Vault Tales 199 Run the Set FameMaster 4D Puzzles Animals”