Vault Tales 147 ToyTrio Mole cricket, Whelk, Slit-shell snail

I seem to have found a way to create themes for the trio posts…today is super unusual for me–it’s all invertebrates. Not a group that I have a lot of although some weirder ones are in my collection–I do have at least one whole shelf of mostly prehistoric ones after all! Bin figure large WhelkContinue reading “Vault Tales 147 ToyTrio Mole cricket, Whelk, Slit-shell snail”

Vault tales 54 Epoch Spotted Garden Eel

Who makes it? One of the figures in the Epoch “Life Account of the Trip” series of gashapon figures, the Marine Fish set. Item number 05. When did it come out? It’s hard to say. Probably around early to mid-2000s. Still available? No, like many of these sets they are limited releases. They show upContinue reading “Vault tales 54 Epoch Spotted Garden Eel”