FigureFrenzy 294 Megalosaurus, Amargasaurus, Moeritherium, Woolly Rhino

It’s all prehistoric megafauna today! From the Jurassic to the Pleistocene. As far as the figures, well…one if them is really nice. One of them is very okay. Two of them are very basic but ones that are probably pretty easy to get! Wild Republic/Imperial/random ‘Megalosaurus’ Our first figure is actually several versions of theContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 294 Megalosaurus, Amargasaurus, Moeritherium, Woolly Rhino”

FigureFrenzy 290 Mattel Jurassic World Suchomimus, Stegosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus

Time for some MEGA MATTEL MADNESS! Three large figures from their dinosaur figures inspired by the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie…one of them is among the earliest, the others are more recent. All three of them definitely demonstrate how much better things are with Mattel making them (the Hasbro were…there). There are of course issuesContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 290 Mattel Jurassic World Suchomimus, Stegosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus”

FigureFrenzy 284 Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Gomphotherium, Velociraptor

Taking a look at a weird and wide variety of prehistoric figures. Representing all kinds of geologic ages and taxonomic groups! Also…pretty wide range of quality. Dino Magic Fizz-N-Surprise ‘Brontosaurus’ Skeleton (GLOW!) Well let’s start with what will obviously be the low point…another figure from the Dino Magic series. I have to say, it’s representativeContinue reading “FigureFrenzy 284 Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Gomphotherium, Velociraptor”

FigureFocus 283 Safari Gryposaurus

A quick visit to a single excellent figure from Safari Ltd today, the Gryposaurus from the Dinos & Prehistoric Life series (or whatever the name of the series is, was, or will be. It’s changed a lot). The item number is 302529, and it was first released in 2013. One thing to immediately note–for aContinue reading “FigureFocus 283 Safari Gryposaurus”

FigureFocus 280 Battat Cryolophosaurus

Let’s look at another great figure from a great set that was tragically cut short. I am speaking of a figure from the rebirth and re-release of the Battat Dinosaurs for their Terra series. Four new figures were created by the great sculptor Dan LoRusso, and several of the figures from the original Battat BostonContinue reading “FigureFocus 280 Battat Cryolophosaurus”