Vault Tales 177 ToyTrio Goblin shark, Spinosaurus, Basking Shark

Another weird assortment today. Honestly, I’m going to keep these short. Not that they’re not good figures in their ways, but sometimes there isn’t much to say. Learning Curve “Dinosaur Train” The Old Spinosaurus First up, another Dinosaur Train figure from Takara. This time, it’s their take on Spinosaurus from an episode called “The OldContinue reading “Vault Tales 177 ToyTrio Goblin shark, Spinosaurus, Basking Shark”

Vault Tales 148 ToyTrio Cretoxyrhina, Pteranodon, Diadectes?

Okay, so another trio, another theme…sort of. Three prehistoric animals, all non-dinosaurs, and that’s about all that connects them. Some very strange ones here really. Learning Curve “Dinosaur Train” Mr. Cretoxyrhina It seems like I only recently discussed a Dinosaur Train figure and we’re already on to another one. And it’s not like I haveContinue reading “Vault Tales 148 ToyTrio Cretoxyrhina, Pteranodon, Diadectes?”

Vault Tales 146 ToyTrio Amargasaurus, Masiakasaurus, Monolophosaurus

Another ToyTrio, and it features more dinosaurs…except, they’re less common species…and definitely less common figures. Most of which are probably made by better companies but they mostly amuse me. FameMaster 4D Puzzle Amargasaurus First up, possibly the least uncommon species and (for once) least uncommon company–another of the 4D puzzle figures from FameMaster. This timeContinue reading “Vault Tales 146 ToyTrio Amargasaurus, Masiakasaurus, Monolophosaurus”

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

So we are back with another Clades discussion–one that, unlike other clades posts, does not even begin to cover all of the possible figures out there! That’s right, the predatory beast of Jurassic and early Cretaceous (maybe late Triassic?) seas, the Pliosaurs (properly, the Pliosauroidea…) These animals are famous in books and documentaries for beingContinue reading “Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs”

Vault tales 41 Dinosaur Train Adocus

Who makes it? The company Learning Curve, as part of the series of figures with the Dinosaur Train PBS series. His name is apparently Adam. When did it come out? Originally came out in 2010 Still available? I honestly can’t tell. The distribution was always a bit difficult to pin down. Probably not though. WhereContinue reading “Vault tales 41 Dinosaur Train Adocus”