Vault Tales 139 Capcom Gigantoraptor

Today’s figure is from Capcom, released for a Japanese Dino Expo in 2009 (and available only then). For many of their runs, starting from around 2003 or 2004, maybe earlier, Dino Expo figures were produced by Kaiyodo–some were releases or box sets of pre-existing Dinotales figures, a few were unique additions to the Dinotales line,Continue reading “Vault Tales 139 Capcom Gigantoraptor”

Vault tales 84 Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004 Chuanjiesaurus

Who makes it? This is a special issue figure from Kaiyodo as part of an exclusive set for the Dino Expo 2004 in Japan. It has been an annual tradition for most of the last 20 years at least, trying to find out what was coming–and many were from Kaiyodo. When did it come out?Continue reading “Vault tales 84 Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004 Chuanjiesaurus”

Vault tales 44 Takara Zhuchengtyrannus

Who makes it? Takara TOMY as part of a line of Dino Expo 2012 DINO KINGDOM series of figures. In Japan of course. When did it come out? …2012 Still available? No. As with any of these expo or special edition figures, they were only available for the duration of the event. Where can itContinue reading “Vault tales 44 Takara Zhuchengtyrannus”