Vault Tales 201 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Saurosuchus, Concavenator, Belemnites

Another bunch of figures today, all prehistoric ones! And a wide range of them…the funny part is that the largest figure is the smallest (and the only not-reptile!) And a strange assortment of brands and styles! CollectA MiniBox A1102 Apatosaurus First up we have one of the mini dinosaur figures from the mini collection. TheseContinue reading “Vault Tales 201 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Saurosuchus, Concavenator, Belemnites”

Vault tales 184 – Clades – Eucynodontia

Time to do another quick clades overview. This time, we’re going to head to the base of the mammal family tree! In this instance, I am talking about the Eucynodontia. As a clade, we are looking at the least inclusive group including mammals and Exaeretodon (foreshadow!); in my personal system, this will refer to theContinue reading “Vault tales 184 – Clades – Eucynodontia”

Vault tales 178 – Clades – “Sauropoda”

Today we have another ‘Clades’ and this time…it will take more explanation? When I revamped my database taxonomic details, I realized that some groups were very heavily lumped into one category–even though many groups fit in as ancestors to others, etc. Some groups were also more tightly defined than others, often based on how IContinue reading “Vault tales 178 – Clades – “Sauropoda””