Vault Tales 152 ToyTrio Flame snake, Tsushinokos & Nessie/Plesiosaur trio

So…I’m doing this, this week. Three different figures, three different takes on imaginary/mythical/cryptozoolgical animals all based on real animals. To varying degrees of quality. We’ll even go from solo to a duo to a trio! Some were worth getting because of how they represent real creatures; others were probably part of random lots…or came asContinue reading “Vault Tales 152 ToyTrio Flame snake, Tsushinokos & Nessie/Plesiosaur trio”

Vault tales 82 Medicom Megalodon

Who makes it? Part of a series of ‘Mystery’ or Cryptid models from Japanese company Medicom, this ‘Ancient Shark’ is part of their Mystery Museum series 2. It is referred to as ‘Ancient Shark’ officially, but given the size (there is a yacht-like boat in the base) it is most likely referring to Otodus megalodon,Continue reading “Vault tales 82 Medicom Megalodon”

Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake

Who makes it? Agatsuma, a Japanese company. This is a secret chase figure from their Strange Predators series. The only mythological/cryptid figure in the set When did it come out? I really don’t know. I’ve had them since about 2011, so probably then. There isn’t a lot of information on them. Still available? They showContinue reading “Vault tales 15 Agatsuma Tsuchinoko Snake”