Vault tales 83 COG African(?) Mammoth

Who makes it? This is another figure in the COG Prehistoric Panorama Mammals series. Most of that will carry over here, so I get to be brief! When did it come out? Like the Arsinoitherium, 2008. But I’m pretty sure this one was definitely one of the re-released figures with the blind bags. Still available?Continue reading “Vault tales 83 COG African(?) Mammoth”

Vault tales Run the Set 78 COG Fascinating Fossils

What is this? Another Run the Set already!? It really is, with another take on prehistoric figures from COG. In this instance it’s a lot of fake fossils, just like the Safari Ancient Fossils toob. Does it hold up? What are these? These models are from a COG Ltd series called Ein-O-Science, small, inexpensive science-labContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 78 COG Fascinating Fossils”

Vault tales 69 COG Prehistoric Panorama Arsinoitherium

Who makes it? Sold by a company called Tedco, made by a company called COG Ltd, in their Dino Horizons line, as part of a series called Prehistoric Panorama…this Arsinoitherium was one of 6 mammals in the Prehistoric Mammals set (which was one of the 6 series made) When did it come out? These wereContinue reading “Vault tales 69 COG Prehistoric Panorama Arsinoitherium”