FigureTales 287 – Clades – Cladistia

We’re looking at a clade again today, and as far as clades go…I have been excited and dreading it all at the same time. As the title says, it is the crown group Cladistia, which includes the modern bichirs and reedfish and their fossil relatives. I’m excited because as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, bichirsContinue reading “FigureTales 287 – Clades – Cladistia”

12 Days of FISHMAS! Day One!

So…I have been mulling on this for a few years now–specifically, upon reading through the article Phylogenetic Classification of Bony Fishes (Betancur-R et al. BMC Evolutionary Biology (2017) 17:162) with a few modifications, especially from Comprehensive phylogeny of ray-finned fishes (Actinopterygii) based on transcriptomic and genomic data ((PNAS June 12, 2018 115 (24) 6249-6254)). IContinue reading “12 Days of FISHMAS! Day One!”