Vault Tales 239 Run the Set Kaiyodo DinoExpo 2004

Yet another Japanese set, and this is one of those super fancy ones! I think I’ve mentioned Dino Expo sets before–released in association with annual (or roughly so) events in Japan featuring some kind of prehistoric theme. Many of these sets are short-lived, and are often very desirable collectables. Until recently, most were from Kaiyodo.Continue reading “Vault Tales 239 Run the Set Kaiyodo DinoExpo 2004”

Vault tales 84 Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004 Chuanjiesaurus

Who makes it? This is a special issue figure from Kaiyodo as part of an exclusive set for the Dino Expo 2004 in Japan. It has been an annual tradition for most of the last 20 years at least, trying to find out what was coming–and many were from Kaiyodo. When did it come out?Continue reading “Vault tales 84 Kaiyodo Dino Expo 2004 Chuanjiesaurus”