FigureFocus 278 My Favorite Animals Paddlefish

Time for another fast, single-figure post. This time featuring one of my favorite models…from a series called My Favorite Animals. Naming the company is awkward…anyway, it is part of the subset ‘Past Works 4, the only figure I have from the sculptor. It’s definitely not a toy, and definitely one of the more obscure figuresContinue reading “FigureFocus 278 My Favorite Animals Paddlefish”

12 Days of FISHMAS! Day Two!

Day two of the Twelve Days of Fishmas! Day one can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On the first day of Fishmas cladistics gave to me… Two orders of Chondrostei And a bichir at the base of Actinopterygii Next up the family tree, the Chondrostei, represented by theContinue reading “12 Days of FISHMAS! Day Two!”

Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei

I am back with another Clades post. This one is exciting because it features one of my favorite fish groups! It’s also daunting because I have a lot of representatives of this group (unlike most of the ones I’ve done) which means more to say. And also trying to sort out photo presentation… As itContinue reading “Vault tales 127 – Clades – Chondrostei”