Vault Tales 218 Shapeways 1:20 Champsosaurus

So today is going to be a bit of a set, and at the same time a review of a single figure. Because it’s only available that way (like getting multiple copies of the same figure, maybe in different poses…like this Eryops) . But this time, it’s a variety of Champsosaurus from Shapeways, at 1:20Continue reading “Vault Tales 218 Shapeways 1:20 Champsosaurus”

Vault Tales 99 Safari toob Champsosaurus

We’re going to look at one of the oddest figures in an odd toob today, from Safari’s Prehistoric Crocodiles toob (item number 679804). Strange because it’s not really a crocodile at all, and strange because they’re such weird animals overall! I am speaking of course of the choristodere Champsosaurus, one of 10 figures in theContinue reading “Vault Tales 99 Safari toob Champsosaurus”