Vault Tales 197 FigureFrenzy Japanese weasel, Sidneyia, Marine iguana, Fukuiraptor

Today’s newest Figure Frenzy is a bunch of random figures again! So much fun! This time, though, we have two from Safari, and two from Kaiyodo–demonstrating some variety in on what those companies can do. Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Animatales Japanese Weasel First we have a figure from the Kaiyodo ChocoEgg Animatales series, the Japanese weasel. ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 197 FigureFrenzy Japanese weasel, Sidneyia, Marine iguana, Fukuiraptor”

Vault Tales 147 ToyTrio Mole cricket, Whelk, Slit-shell snail

I seem to have found a way to create themes for the trio posts…today is super unusual for me–it’s all invertebrates. Not a group that I have a lot of although some weirder ones are in my collection–I do have at least one whole shelf of mostly prehistoric ones after all! Bin figure large WhelkContinue reading “Vault Tales 147 ToyTrio Mole cricket, Whelk, Slit-shell snail”

Vault Tales 103 ToyTrio Char, Salamander, Maiasaura

What do we have here? A new format. I realized that a lot of the time my random number generator picks figures from the collection that might not necessitate a full entry, or require more than a couple photos. So as the figures get picked, I will choose a few and discuss them together. ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 103 ToyTrio Char, Salamander, Maiasaura”

Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark

Who makes it? The second Kaiyodo aquatic figure in a week!? But this is from a very different set–it is more current, and part of what Kaiydo now refers to as their CapsuleQ Museum series–Series 7, Yaeyama, number 052 in the set. These particular series were produced referencing regions of Japan. When did it comeContinue reading “Vault tales 66 Kaiyodo Capsule Q Tiger Shark”