Vault Tales 238 Run the Set Kaiyodo Poisonous & Venomous Creatures Vol 2

More Japanese figures! Except this one is very, very new! Like, released earlier this year new! I actually only just received it a few weeks ago. And since I was taking photos anyway, I thought I would just go ahead and share it here this week! This is a set of five figures made byContinue reading “Vault Tales 238 Run the Set Kaiyodo Poisonous & Venomous Creatures Vol 2”

Vault tales Run the Set 135 Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Palaeozoic

We have a Run-the-Set today, this time the Paleozoic Era set from the Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Museum line. This set was released as a limited run in 2015. I am not sure what exactly, but it was likely for a museum event or some kind of promotion with a Dinosaur Expo in Japan. In this instance,Continue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 135 Kaiyodo CapsuleQ Palaeozoic”

Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs

So we are back with another Clades discussion–one that, unlike other clades posts, does not even begin to cover all of the possible figures out there! That’s right, the predatory beast of Jurassic and early Cretaceous (maybe late Triassic?) seas, the Pliosaurs (properly, the Pliosauroidea…) These animals are famous in books and documentaries for beingContinue reading “Vault tales 112 – Clades – Pliosaurs”

Vault tales 109 – Clades – “Stegocephalia”

So we’re back with another ‘clades’ post, and this one is a very unique one, which requires one heck of a caveat! In this case, it is figures labelled as ‘Stegocephalia’ in my collection database–informal labels, not truly clades. If I was going to discuss all of the stegocephalians, well, it would cover the entirelyContinue reading “Vault tales 109 – Clades – “Stegocephalia””