Vault Tales 102 FaunaFiguresFishes Ornate Bichir

It seems like not that long ago I did a whole long post on the original run of FaunaFiguresFishes models. In that set I had mentioned that a couple of models were later made as a revised concept for the line–bigger, a little more detail, that kind of thing. And due to the vagaries ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 102 FaunaFiguresFishes Ornate Bichir”

Vault Tales Run the Set 100 The FaunaFiguresFishes!

Welcome to post 100! A milestone number! And I thought I should do something different, and kind of special–so I will go over all of the figures from my original line of fish figures, made for my store! The FaunaFiguresFishes were sculpted and cast for by a sculptor named Brandon DeMoss. The first of theContinue reading “Vault Tales Run the Set 100 The FaunaFiguresFishes!”