Vault Tales 183 Run the Set Yowies Australia Series 1

Going to look at another set today–the first series of Australian Yowies! It was a big set, with 50 figures (not counting variants) but I have managed to get a number of them. Let’s take a quick look! I did discuss one of the figures in detail once before, the Northern Mastiff Bat, and visitedContinue reading “Vault Tales 183 Run the Set Yowies Australia Series 1”

Vault tales 49 Yowies Northern Mastiff Bat

Who makes it? Yowies, as part of their first series of animal figures. When did it come out? The series came out in 1997 Still available? Each series was short-lived, probably lasting about a year each. So not in original form, but probably easily available as resale or trades. Where can it be found inContinue reading “Vault tales 49 Yowies Northern Mastiff Bat”