Vault Tales Run the Set 108 CollectA Dinosaurs MiniBox 1

So we’re back already with another Run the Set! This time we’ll look at a much more recent one, a box made up of miniature versions of some of the CollectA Deluxe and Standard dinosaurs. This is box set 1, released in 2016 under the catalog number A1101. Set two was released at the sameContinue reading “Vault Tales Run the Set 108 CollectA Dinosaurs MiniBox 1”

Vault tales 40 Safari Toob Baryonyx

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, as part of their Sue and Her Friends toob, item 681304. When did it come out? The toob that contained this figure came out in 2012. However, the sculpt was first released in 2006 with a different toob, the Carnivorous Dinosaurs toob. Still available? This toob is still available. WhereContinue reading “Vault tales 40 Safari Toob Baryonyx”