Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia

Time to visit another clade, this time a true crown-group clade, the Ruminantia (or Ruminantiomorpha…if we include some of the anthracotherids that are a stem-group to the ruminantia). As a group, this is a fairly familiar one both as animals and as figures. The living groups include the bovids (cows, antelopes, goats, sheep, etc); theContinue reading “Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia”

Vault tales 63 Yowies Forgotten Friends Aurochs

Who makes it? This is from the last series of original Yowies figures from Australia, the Series 9, Forgotten Friends B. The Aurochs is number 29 in the set. When did it come out? I can’t find the exact year, but I think it was about 2002 or so. It wasn’t out for very long.Continue reading “Vault tales 63 Yowies Forgotten Friends Aurochs”