12 Days of FISHMAS! Day Five!

Day five of the Twelve Days of Fishmas! Day four can be found here. The tag for the whole set will be here. On the fifth day of Fishmas cladistics gave to me… FIVE! BOH-NY TONGUES! Four elopomorphs Three Holosteans Two Chondrostei And a bichir at the base of Actinopterygii Day five is the Osteoglossomorpha,Continue reading “12 Days of FISHMAS! Day Five!”

Vault Tales 212 Kaiyodo Aqualand Silver Arowana

Every collector has species and figures that they consider holy grails. Species or figures that they know exist (or should exist) that they honestly don’t know if they’ll actually find. Sometimes we never do, because the figure is that rare (WwD Ornithocheirus anyone?) or the species is not actually made commercially (sigh. Bowfin.). This figureContinue reading “Vault Tales 212 Kaiyodo Aqualand Silver Arowana”

Vault Tales 180 Run the Set Colorata Endangered Species Fossil Fish Box (2nd version)

Today I’m going to look at another Colorata set, one of the most exciting ones to me! This is the Endangered Species Fossil Fish box. Specifically, the second released version, from about 2010 or 2011–I got it in late 2011 and probably didn’t wait very long! And why didn’t I wait very long? Because itContinue reading “Vault Tales 180 Run the Set Colorata Endangered Species Fossil Fish Box (2nd version)”

Vault Tales Run the Set 100 The FaunaFiguresFishes!

Welcome to post 100! A milestone number! And I thought I should do something different, and kind of special–so I will go over all of the figures from my original line of fish figures, made for my store! The FaunaFiguresFishes were sculpted and cast for by a sculptor named Brandon DeMoss. The first of theContinue reading “Vault Tales Run the Set 100 The FaunaFiguresFishes!”