FigureFocus 291 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Kaprosuchus

Today is a good one! The Wild Safari Kaprosuchus from 2011! Originally released in the Wild Safari Dinos & Prehistoric Life series, that whole line has been rechristened ‘Prehistoric World’. I think this may be about the fourth name for their prehistoric models (most of them) but I guess the new one is more succinctContinue reading “FigureFocus 291 Wild Safari Prehistoric World Kaprosuchus”

Vault Tales 229 Bullyland Batrachotomus

It’s been a while, but this week is going to be a couple of Figure Focus posts! No particular reason, it just worked out that way. But they are link in interesting ways–large, carnivorous beasts that predate dinosaurs…figures that represent animals not often seen. Figures that weren’t especially easy to get, and are way harderContinue reading “Vault Tales 229 Bullyland Batrachotomus”

Vault Tales 221 FigureFrenzy Rutiodon, Helicoprion, Reef shark, Jackal, Postosuchus

Back to some random figures, but as a group, ones that I am overall pretty fond of! I think you’ll agree that they’re all collection worthy for various reasons. ActionProducts I-Dig-Sharks Helicoprion First up, a strange, short-lived figure from a company known for dig-out kits. The figure is Helicoprion, from the “I Dig Sharks” series,Continue reading “Vault Tales 221 FigureFrenzy Rutiodon, Helicoprion, Reef shark, Jackal, Postosuchus”

Vault Tales 201 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Saurosuchus, Concavenator, Belemnites

Another bunch of figures today, all prehistoric ones! And a wide range of them…the funny part is that the largest figure is the smallest (and the only not-reptile!) And a strange assortment of brands and styles! CollectA MiniBox A1102 Apatosaurus First up we have one of the mini dinosaur figures from the mini collection. TheseContinue reading “Vault Tales 201 FigureFrenzy Apatosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, Saurosuchus, Concavenator, Belemnites”

Vault Tales 189 Safari Ltd Postosuchus x 2

So the random number generator picked what may be one of their finest prehistoric models for this post–so I decided to pair it with its mini counterpart from a toob set. I am speaking about the Dinos & Prehistoric Animals series Postosuchus, number 287329. This figure was probably one of the real linchpins in SafariContinue reading “Vault Tales 189 Safari Ltd Postosuchus x 2”