Vault tales 153 Run the Set Kaiyodo Animaltales Series 3

Today I’m doing a Run the Set that might be the shortest one ever, other than just doing a single figure…! It is one of the original Kaiyodo-produced lines made for the Furuta ChocoEgg Animaltales series, number 3. This series was, for that run, huge. There are 50 figures in that series! And I have…two?Continue reading “Vault tales 153 Run the Set Kaiyodo Animaltales Series 3”

Vault tales 149 – Clades – Salamandroidea

It’s been a while, but here we are with a new Clades post. Since then, I have been reorganizing my database and how the clades are organized. So when this one came up–‘Salamanders’–I realized that I could break that down a little bit. Especially because there are a fair number and this post was goingContinue reading “Vault tales 149 – Clades – Salamandroidea”