Vault Tales 224 FigureFrenzy Badger, Gharial, Water bug, Black bear, Snapping turtle

Back to another very random bunch of figures. Not sure if there is any particular way I can connect them…perhaps, all of them are living animals that could theoretically cause some kind of harm to people that aren’t paying attention? Whatever connects them (it was random) they’re all pretty decent models though! Play Visions AmericanContinue reading “Vault Tales 224 FigureFrenzy Badger, Gharial, Water bug, Black bear, Snapping turtle”

Vault Tales 213 FigureFrenzy Lionfish, Bamboo shark, Wobbegong, Axelrodichthys

We’re going all fish today! Cool fish! Extinct lobefins! Weird sharks! Oddly…all sharks are carpet sharks. Short introduction. It’s a great bunch of figures so let’s go! FameMaster 4D Puzzle Lionfish I have spoken about the FameMaster fish puzzles before so there is not a lot more to say about it. This is another figureContinue reading “Vault Tales 213 FigureFrenzy Lionfish, Bamboo shark, Wobbegong, Axelrodichthys”

Vault Tales 199 Run the Set FameMaster 4D Puzzles Animals

I have visited with a few FameMaster 4D puzzles in past posts, but never a ‘set’ of them. There are various incarnations and releases of them, as well as different modes of selling them. Sometimes it’s in plastic eggs, sometimes in little boxes. Although the lines are kind of broad, they were usually out inContinue reading “Vault Tales 199 Run the Set FameMaster 4D Puzzles Animals”

Vault Tales 116 Famemaster 4D Clown Triggerfish

It has been a while since I discussed a puzzle figure from the FameMaster company, and I think this is the first marine animal one! As with those other ones, these figures are notable for their fairly high attention to detail, sculpt, and paint job, in spite of being in service of a laser-cut puzzleContinue reading “Vault Tales 116 Famemaster 4D Clown Triggerfish”

Vault tales #22 FameMaster 4D Grant’s Zebra

Who makes it? Another FameMaster 4D puzzle figure! The second one in a row chose at random! This is from one of the wildlife series (they call it animal series now), number 20124D When did it come out? This one, I would have gotten between 2006 and 2008, but I’m sure it’s an older modelContinue reading “Vault tales #22 FameMaster 4D Grant’s Zebra”