Store Policies


Postage from FaunaFigures will be based on Flat Rates (as of October 2018)

Orders will be shipped through Canada Post unless a different method is required (you will need to contact us first) The cart will calculate postage based on a base amount and the number of items up to a specific maximum. These rates vary with Canadian, United States and ‘International’ orders.

Tracking and minimum Insurance will be included with all orders from Fauna Figures to protect the buyer and Fauna Figures. Canada Post insures parcels at a rate of $1.95/$100 value; this cost will be included as part of the shipping price.  

*Note –we will make every effort to pack your order safely. For larger orders we will only use cardboard boxes. For small and very light orders, we will often used cushioned mailers, usually with extra padding on the products. Again, this will only be for orders of very light products or very small orders for which boxes are unnecessarily large and heavy. For a small order with large or more fragile items we will use more protective boxes.

CANADIAN CUSTOMERS ONLY: For orders over $75 (before taxes) we offer free postage to anywhere within Canada. Please select this option during checkout. If an item has a special consideration in its packaging mentioned in the product description this will still be required.

Shipping Rates:

Canadian Orders: Base cost of $10 + 5% (minimum $3 to a maximum of $20) + $0.50/item ordered

United States Orders: Base cost of $10 + 8% (minimum $4) + $1/item ordered

For our International customers: Base cost of $35 + 13% (minimum $8 to a maximum of $30) + $1.50/item ordered

(International is defined by Canada Post as not Canada or US).

If you are an international customer and wish to discuss a more accurate quote in pricing please contact us. But please be aware that we will only quote for tracked & insured parcels to international destinations.

We are set up for world-wide shipping, but sometimes delivery areas get missed in our settings. Please contact us if your country is not showing up and we will get this set up for you.

For all customers: If expedited or priority services are required, or if courier service (such as UPS or FedEx) is preferred, contact us and the rates charged will reflect the exact costs charged for those services to your location.

Some items may require special packaging including oversize parcels, extra padding or unusual shapes. These items will be clearly marked and may require special shipping considerations. It may, however, be possible to include other items with the special-packaging items without added postage; this will be determined upon packaging and weighing.

And if we should ever find that the cost to ship to you was markedly higher than what the flat rate calculated we will refund you that difference. We do not aim to profit from postage costs!

For Local Residents in or near Lethbridge, or those passing through: With you being so close, we can set it up so that you can pick up your order directly. The option will come up automatically for all addresses with local Postal Code prefixes (T1G, T1H, T1J, T1K, T1M). Contact us to determine place and date for pick up. Payment will be required in advance of pick up.  We currently cannot offer hand delivery to your location.

Taxes, Duties, Customs information

For Canadian residents: Per Canada Revenue Agency rules GST or HST will be added to any order within Canada, dependent upon the destination address of the order. Our CRA number is 81639 4449 RT0001.

For international (including US) customers: Customs declarations will be filled out in full and reflect the items contained within the parcel and their purchase value. Fauna Figures will not falsify or alter a Customs declaration or any other form.  Duties, taxes and other fees will be the responsibility of the buyer upon delivery.


Credit Cards & PayPal: YOU DO NOT NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Currently the checkout cart here at Fauna Figures Toys & Collectables only accepts payment via PayPal. If you do not have an account with PayPal we can still accept credit card payment through PayPal.  When prompted at the end of the checkout you will be redirected to a PayPal payment screen. Below the login form click the “Don’t have a PayPal account” link and it will process your order with a credit card payment.

If you do not have a credit card or PayPal account:

Money Orders and CERTIFIED Cheques: If you wish to pay using a money order or Certified Cheque, our cart is not set up to complete your order. Please contact us in advance and we will create an invoice for you, with instructions on where to send the Money Order/Certified Cheque. Please understand that we cannot release your order until the funds have successfully cleared.

Wire Transfer/Bank Funds Transfer: We are not currently in a position to accept wired funds. We will update as needed when we have fully explored this option. Contact us if this is an option that you require, and we will find a way for you.

Personal Cheques: Unfortunately, we will not accept personal cheques as payment under any circumstances.

Returns and Problem Resolution

We do not accept returns on merchandise that was correctly sent as ordered.

We make every effort to ensure that all of your items are in excellent condition and well-protected when they are packed. We also make sure several times over that the items sent are the items you have ordered!

That said, mistakes can happen. If there is an error in your order please contact us immediately. We will need to assess our inventory system and records. If it is a wrong item, let us know what was mistakenly sent and we will work something out with you. You will get the items that you ordered.

If an incident has occurred between when we mailed the parcel and when the parcel arrived it will likely require involvement with the post office and a postal insurance claim.

If an item has arrived in unsatisfactory condition, contact us with digital photos of the issue in question so that we can determine how to proceed. On our end, our quality control means that we will never include in our inventory any product that we deem unsatisfactory (we are collectors as well after all!). This includes broken items or substantial paint issues like wear. If an issue is noticed in a figure that we have picked for you, we will contact you to determine how we should proceed.

However, many figures are hand-painted at the factory, so some variation is expected. We will not and cannot be responsible for issues with bends in material, paint that differs from stock photos, or proper standing as we cannot remove the package and test every figure. In these instances we will forward concerns to the manufacturer/supplier and work from there.

Fauna Figures cannot offer refunds except in instances of price or item error. We cannot refund the price of postage on any item. If an item is returned for refund it will be at the buyer’s expense.

Further action will be at the discretion of Fauna Figures based on situation.

Free Shipping within Canada on orders over $75 before taxes! Dismiss