Safari Ltd Manta Ray

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This Manta Ray figure (Safari #100096) is an update of the figure from the Safari Ltd. Sea Life collection. Approximately 14.5cm long and 11.6cm wide. WARNING: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Once believed to be a single species, the Manta genus is now usually separated into two: Manta bistrosis, the giant ocean manta, and Manta alfredi, the reef manta. The oceanic manta is larger, and can measure up to 23 feet wide. The reef manta is a bit smaller, with a maximum wingspan of 18 feet. Aside from size, the oceanic and reef mantas can be told apart by their markings. Reef mantas feature a soft gradient between the white and black markings on their backs, whereas oceanic mantas have sharper, crisp separation between white and black. This figure represents an oceanic manta. (From Safari Ltd website)

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