FaunaFigures Fishes Ocellate River Ray (Motoro stingray)


This figure is part of the fourth wave of three models I have had made specifically for the site, as Fauna Figures Fishes. As a fan of primitive and unusal fishes, I wanted to see more species available–so why not have some made!? This wave is of South American species!

These models are not meant as toys, although they are very durable (certainly not bath toys!). They are instead meant as display or diorama models, to help increase the visibility of some less common fish! Each piece is about 4″ long, made of a light-weight resin and painted by sculptor Brandon DeMoss specifically for Fauna Figures, so each one will be a unique individual!

Because every FaunaFigures Fish replica is a custom product and can be made to order, we do allow backorders. If we are out of stock, youcan order one and we will ship your order when everything has arrived. It can take two to three weeks for the FaunaFigures Fish models to be ready. If you have any concerns about timing, or special requests, please contact us prior to ordering.

This model is of a fish that may be familiar to many aquarists, the Ocellate River Ray Potamotrygon motoro.


River rays as a group are a large family of stingrays adapted entirely to freshwater. Like their marine counterparts, they have flat round discs for bodies, and a long tail. And they are infamous for that tail–because it bears one or more venomous barbs that are used to disuade predators or unfortunate bathers and fishermen.

Their flat shape is ideal for their chosen lifestyle of swimming along the bottoms of rivers while hunting for worms, molluscs and other prey. And for burying themselves into the mud until only their eyes are visible. They have many adaptatations for this lifestyle, like other rays, including gills on their belly, spiracles behind the eyes to aid in breathing, and a wide, trap-door mouth for crushing up their food (you can see these features on the figure itself).

The Ocellate River Ray is epsecially notable for its popularity as an aquarium fish. They can be hardy fish, and make interesting pets with distinct personalities–and their bright markings are very striking!

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