CollectA Ichthyovenator

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This Ichthyovenator figure (CollectA #88654) is from the CollectA Prehistoric Life Collection. Approximately 8cm tall and 17cm long. Figure is on a base for added stability. WARNING: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Ichthyovenator was a very large, long-snouted predatory dinosaur from the early Cretaceous of Southeast Asia. It is related to other long-snouted predators like Suchomimus and Spinosaurus. It is notable for its unusual back spine that, unlike Spinosaurus, appears to have a separation in it. This dinosaur was likely a fan of waterways and its name, which means “Fish Hunter”, refers to the supposed main diet of this animal, which would have been the giant fish of the rivers at the time.

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