CollectA Dino Prey – Triceratops

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This Dead Triceratops figure (CollectA #88528) is from the CollectA Prehistoric Life Collection. Approximately 6cm tall and 18cm long. A great prey item for other meat-eating dino figures for playing or scene-making. WARNING: Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years. Triceratops may be one of the most famous dinosaurs of all times. This large dinosaur is well-known for its large head shield and three horns, one over each eye and one on the snout. Among the last of the dinosaurs, Triceratops was a plant-eater that shared its late-Cretaceous home with Tyrannosaurus in North America, giving rise to many images and movies of these two dinosaurs fighting for survival. This figure from CollectA is representative of a dead Triceratops, a great figure for creating scenes and dioramas, or giving your meat-eaters something to chew on.

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