Vault Tales 11 Safari Ltd Triceratops

Who makes it? Safari Ltd, as part of their WS Dinosaurs & Prehistoric Life series…which has recently been renamed Wild Safari Prehistoric World. But when this one came out it was WSD&PL, item number 284529 When did it come out? I want to say 2010…but it was apparently 2008 Still available? Maybe…I can find outContinue reading “Vault Tales 11 Safari Ltd Triceratops”

Vault Tales 241 Run the Set Unknown Dino Egg Dinosaurs

Well, this is a weird little set of prehistoric animals. Small, rubbery, and with very, very…limited styling. It’s the kind of set that doesn’t really fit with what I’d normally collect. But sometimes there are reasons. I think this’ll be a brief post! These little figures have probably shown up in a whole lot ofContinue reading “Vault Tales 241 Run the Set Unknown Dino Egg Dinosaurs”

Vault Tales 225 FigureFrenzy Camel, Carnotaurus, Mosasaurus, Sarcosuchus, Alligator

Lots of reptiles today, and a single tiny mammal! Some prehistoric, some modern. A few are collectable…some are just kind of there…! Lots of ‘mini’ figures! Ausini Bactrian Camel We’re going to start with a little figure from the Ausini set again! Once again, a fairly recognizable animal that gets made fairly frequently, a BactrianContinue reading “Vault Tales 225 FigureFrenzy Camel, Carnotaurus, Mosasaurus, Sarcosuchus, Alligator”

Vault Tales 219 FigureFrenzy Cockatoo, Coyote, Eel, Goblin shark, Wakaleo

Back to a randomized figure frenzy. And this one is very, very random! A lot of these will also be pretty quick…sometimes there just isn’t much to say… Safari Ltd toob Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo First up we have a Sulfur-Crested cockatoo from Safari toobs. It has actually shown up in at least two toobs. The firstContinue reading “Vault Tales 219 FigureFrenzy Cockatoo, Coyote, Eel, Goblin shark, Wakaleo”

Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia

Time to visit another clade, this time a true crown-group clade, the Ruminantia (or Ruminantiomorpha…if we include some of the anthracotherids that are a stem-group to the ruminantia). As a group, this is a fairly familiar one both as animals and as figures. The living groups include the bovids (cows, antelopes, goats, sheep, etc); theContinue reading “Vault tales 214 – Clades – Ruminantia”