Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull

Who makes it? It’s one of the model in the Safari Ltd Dinosaur skulls toob. Item number 687404 When did it come out? It was first released in 2009. Later in 2011, they released figures in a bulk bag. I have ones from both the toob and the bulk bag. They’re the same figure. StillContinue reading “Vault tales 34 Safari Toob Brachiosaurus skull”

Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon

Who makes it? Looks like the Random number generator really wanted to look into this set…same as the last post, it’s a figure from the Safari Prehistoric Sea Life toob, 682404 When did it come out? Still available? Where can it be found in my displays? How does it fit in the collection? Any storyContinue reading “Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon”

Vault tales 31 Safari Toob Tylosaurus

Who makes it? Safari Ltd as part of their Preshistoric Sea Life TOOB, item number 682404 When did it come out? I want to say 2007. But it was apparently 2009. Still available? I just found out that toob was discontinued in 2017! This is very disappointing to me, as that is a really greatContinue reading “Vault tales 31 Safari Toob Tylosaurus”

Vault Tales 249 Run the Set Safari Ltd Pelagic Fishes toob

Another Safari toob set? Already! How awesome…and statistically likely, since I have a lot of them…! But this time it is a newer one, and one of what I think is their best ones in recent years (the Great Lakes toob is of course my favorite, maybe I’ll get to it someday). In this instance,Continue reading “Vault Tales 249 Run the Set Safari Ltd Pelagic Fishes toob”

Vault Tales 248 Run the Set Safari Ltd Prehistoric Mammal Skulls toob

Another toob set! This time a prehistoric one again, featuring more skulls! I looked at some other Safari toob sets before–a dinosaur skull toob and, related to today, a modern mammal skull toob. So today it will be the third and what appears to be final Safari skulls toob, the Prehistoric Mammal Skulls toob! TheContinue reading “Vault Tales 248 Run the Set Safari Ltd Prehistoric Mammal Skulls toob”