Vault Tales 211 FigureFrenzy Greek Chimaera, Olenoides, Trilobite, Iguana

So today is going to be…brief. Not a whole lot to say about most of these so it’s going to be brief. Not everything in the collection is gold…Two different trilobites so that’s unexpected! Safari Ltd Mythical Realms Chimaera First up, one of the fantasy or mythical figures in the collection (although not displays). ItContinue reading “Vault Tales 211 FigureFrenzy Greek Chimaera, Olenoides, Trilobite, Iguana”

Vault Tales 118 ToyTrio Nimravid, Iberian Lynx, Ichthyosaur

Time for another Toy Trio, a model I use to look quickly at a few figures that were picked by the Random Number Generator, but might not warrant a full on post on their own. It’s also a chance to work through the list a little faster…I’m not going to run through it anytime soon,Continue reading “Vault Tales 118 ToyTrio Nimravid, Iberian Lynx, Ichthyosaur”

Vault tales Run the Set 78 COG Fascinating Fossils

What is this? Another Run the Set already!? It really is, with another take on prehistoric figures from COG. In this instance it’s a lot of fake fossils, just like the Safari Ancient Fossils toob. Does it hold up? What are these? These models are from a COG Ltd series called Ein-O-Science, small, inexpensive science-labContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 78 COG Fascinating Fossils”

Vault Tales 14 – Clades – Porifera

What is this? Well, this is the first random pick of something beyond ‘just’ a figure; among other things I’ve also given the option of looking at various shelves or taxonomic groups. I have preferred to use the phrase ‘clades’ when talking about these although I may not always follow strictly to the monophyletic meaningContinue reading “Vault Tales 14 – Clades – Porifera”