Vault tales 85 Starlux Nothosaurus (2nd version)

Who makes it? French company Starlux. It’s part of their second series, item number FS40095. When did it come out? This particular model was released in 1981. It seems more vintage than that…the whole line has that same look. Still available? Unfortunately no, although there were rumours of a revision of the Starlux figures inContinue reading “Vault tales 85 Starlux Nothosaurus (2nd version)”

Vault tales Run the Set 73 Iwako Prehistoric erasers

What is this? Well, it’s another Run the Set! This time, a selection of erasers from Japan by a company called Iwako. There is no way that I have all of them, but I do have a pretty interesting variety of species among them. What are these? As I said, they are erasers. Of someContinue reading “Vault tales Run the Set 73 Iwako Prehistoric erasers”

Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of their classic Prehistoric Marine Reptiles series. The elasmosaur is number 6 if you’re curious. When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998 so…1998? Still available? As with other excellent marine reptile sets, this one is discontinued. It has been for some time now. It hasContinue reading “Vault tales 59 Play Visions Elasmosaurus”