Vault tales 44 Takara Zhuchengtyrannus

Who makes it? Takara TOMY as part of a line of Dino Expo 2012 DINO KINGDOM series of figures. In Japan of course. When did it come out? …2012 Still available? No. As with any of these expo or special edition figures, they were only available for the duration of the event. Where can itContinue reading “Vault tales 44 Takara Zhuchengtyrannus”

Vault tales 36 Yowies Atlas Bear

Who makes it? From the last run of the original Australian Yowies Series, the Forgoten Friends B set. When did it come out?About 2002. Still available? No. They were always limited runs–kind of an Australian version of the Japanese Dinotales. Right down to being made of plastic pieces that needed to be built! Where canContinue reading “Vault tales 36 Yowies Atlas Bear”

Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon

Who makes it? Looks like the Random number generator really wanted to look into this set…same as the last post, it’s a figure from the Safari Prehistoric Sea Life toob, 682404 When did it come out? Still available? Where can it be found in my displays? How does it fit in the collection? Any storyContinue reading “Vault tales 32 Safari Toob Liopleurodon”

Vault tales #25 Play Visions Placodus

Who makes it? Play Visions, as part of a bin figure set of prehistoric marine reptiles. It has a stamp of #1 on it When did it come out? The figure is stamped 1998, so go with that! Still available? They were discontinued in the early 2000s, although they still show up in the occasionalContinue reading “Vault tales #25 Play Visions Placodus”