New Mojo Figures! (Better Late than Never)

So this post will have a double meaning. First off, I should have done it a few weeks ago. I was away right when all of these arrived, and didn’t give myself enough time to get things together.

Secondly, it will feature several figures that were supposed to be available last year, and have just now become available (in Canada–these things can be staggered worldwide).

So for the latter, I am speaking of the last 2013 releases from MOJO FUN. They are a fantastic group of figures, featuring some great animals that are not normally made.  These include some great modern animals–a male honey badger and female honey badger with a cub, meaning that we can go from a species that has not been done by a figure company before to a whole family.


There is a pair of remarkable birds, a griffon vulture and emu; and an excellent, rarely done representative from the cat family, a clouded leopard. Some of these, like the vulture and clouded leopard, represent animals that are in serious decline in most of their populations, and any opportunity to bring them more attention is always appreciated.


This same appreciation can also be turned to animals for which it is too late–another 2013 MOJO figure is their new quagga, a zebra that was hunted to extinction at the end of the 19th century (although some people are trying to resurrect them with various genetic techniques!).


The last of the late-comer figures were among the most anticipated from MOJO for many people, with good reason, and represent VERY extinct animals (no genetic resurrection here, short of a Jurassic Park-like science fiction story).

First up, we have MOJO’s take on the giant elephant relative Deinotherium, coupled with the slightly bigger CollectA figure of the same animal it was a good year for strange, giant mammals. Together they make a great pair.

collecta 88594 Deinothere

Second is the Mojo Brontotherium, a great figure of an animal found in most of the Great Plains until the Eocene. Just like the deinotheres, CollectA made a version as well of a different species, but the similarities are clear. It’s great to have some giant prehistoric plant eaters that aren’t dinosaurs (sometimes!).

collecta 88558

But if you have plant eaters, then of course you  need meat eaters! When it comes to prehistoric mammals fans (such as myself, I’ll admit) you would normally be limited to the Ice Age standby Smilodon, the classic sabre tooth cat. Which can be good, the MOJO one linked there is fantastic. But in 2013/2014, MOJO gave us some new mammal-age predators to stalk the land.

One is the new entelodont Daeodon, the largest of a family of monster-like pig relatives that probably ate anything they wanted. The other is a primitive carnivore called Hyaenodon gigas, another giant of the ‘age of mammals’. Both of these beasts roamed the land at a similar time to the Brontotherium and Megacerops, so we now have the beginnings of an Eocene/Oligocene playset (okay, there are lots of animals and plants we’d still need, and the scales are pretty off, but it’s a good start finally)!


So those are some of the newest models to hit the Fauna Figures shelves. All fantastic figures, and great for education, collection or play (or, why not, all 3)!


And make sure to check out the rest of the fantastic line of MojoFUN Figures–including their first fantasy figures