GeoWorld Jurassic Hunters DINOVEMBER clearance!

Well, a new holiday season is upon us, and if you’v ebeen following our Faceboko page or some of the toy forums, you know that there are some really awesome models ocming out in 2016!

Some Jurassic Hunters giant sauropods from the Jurassic period

What this means is that we are going to need some room for those models when they come in. And in the case of GeoWorld we may have to say goodbye for longer than expected–there is still no consistent supplier for these figures anymore.

 Some Jurassic Hunters predators from the Jurassic period

I’ve always liked them–they are bright, tough figures that make great toys for kids–but they also work well on the shelves, with bases that keep them upright now matter how active the pose!


Some Jurassic Hunters small predators from the Cretaceous period

So while it is a shame, it mean a great opportunity for everyone out there! The figures have marked down to 40% off. Some are very limited in quantity, and for now at least this is a last-chance situation.

Some Jurassic Hunters large predators from the Cretaceous period

This discount has already been applied to every figure in the line on the site. In Canada, an order of $75 or more will still receive free postage. For our friends in the US, given the current Canadian dollar, the deal is probably almost as good or better! But please keep in mind, this special is limited to figures that we currently have in stock.

Click here to see what GeoWorld figures we have available!

Some Jurassic Hunters plant eaters from the Cretaceous period