‘CYBER MONDAY’ Sale! Although, it will be a little longer.

As we have mentioned before, some of our prodcuts have been hard to get this past year. We already have the GeoWorld Dinosaurs on clearance.

But we wanted to go one better–and make room for products that we can actually get in for you!

So we are reducing all of our Mojo Fun animals by 20%, starting now and ongoing until December 11th! This will give us time to get everything packed up and out to people before the gift-giving happens! We are of course limited by the quantities we have, so please don’t hesitate.

But they are from a few years ago–so to help out people with newer models, we are also putting our CollectA* products on the same special! And most our Safari models* will be on special as well.

And why not–Replica Toy Fish too! I think everyone shoudl have toy fish–so they are on 20% off as well, until December 11th!

Really, it would be simpler to say that almost everything is on sale. But it doesn’t sound as good.

As an added bonus, for our friends in the USA, we will be extending the same Free Shipping deal as we have for Canada–all orders $75 or over will ship free! We will, however, be suspending the Small Packet Air option for the season, as postal and courier outlets are so busy, we do not want anything to get lost or delayed.

For our friends outside of that region, we suggest ordering early, again due to the postal rush of the season. Orders after Dec 5 are unlikely to reach you before the New Year.

To see everything available on this promotion, find the figures here.

*products that arrived in the last few months may not be included in this promotion; the Free Shipping promotion, however, is available on all products.